Welcome to “The Victim Of Fate” Web Site. I am the Webmaster and creator of “The Victim Of Fate”, Devlin Bathory (yes that is my real life name). I will start by telling you a little about myself and my own personal "Frankenstien's Monster". “The Victim Of Fate” first saw the light of day way back in the early 1980's when I was at school in Birmingham, England. I always had a keen liking of art, even as a child. My parents encouraged this and I was soon producing my own individual style of art work, I’ve always felt more comfortable drawing with ink much to my teachers’ horror and was often penalized for doing all of my drawings in black ink as opposed to pencil. This however did not stop me in the slightest as I thought it looked a lot better in a nice black pen on pure white paper than some smudged mess of a pencil. I eventually came up with my own signature and would sign all of my artwork “The Victim Of Fate”, or sometimes just “Victim”. The “T” was always made as a cross and shadowed bellow. Eventually, I started to do drawings for my friends which soon spread. I ended up having requests for my art and eventually thought, "Why Not Do It For A Living?"; so I did and thus “The Victim Of Fate” was truly born. I have kept the name now for more years then I care to remember (17 years to be precise), and in all that time it has expanded and mutated from art, to poetry, and music. All three have been things very close to my heart since I can recall. So it was somewhat inevitable that it has went the way it has.




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