The Victim Of Fate

Welcome Weary Traveller, come inside and rest a while, you look hungry and thirsty, here sit thee by the fire and warm thy aching bones a while, let me prepair you one of my own concoctions, it is an old mixture of many things dark, a sure way for you to forget all your woes. Come sit thee down and let me tell you of a world that exists both here in these small confines and beyond these walls. There is another place that exists within, a world or darknss nothing too sinister is there lurking in the shadows awaiting you, here let me pull back the blinds and show you the night, it's pleasures and the desires of others. Many come this way seeking answers, it is not so much that I knoww them but more I set them on thier way to something more, something higher if you will. The Children Of The Night all searching for something even if they do not know what it is they seek...... feeling sleepy (smiles) the concoction does that, come steal yourself away and let Morpheus wrap his arms around you and take you as his victim, his Victim Of Fate.