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Above you will see links strange as it may seem these take you to differant areas within the realm of The Victim Of Fate,

I will give a very brief explination here so you know what portal will take you into what dimension.


Graphics Here you will find various works of art from around the world all of a dark or twisted nature (as yet to be done)

Vampyric As you may guess it is a section all about Vampyr there will be Real Life Vampyres, games, films etc

Films This section will explore various films that I personally have come to admire over these last few decades

Victim All my stuff as yet undone

Desktop Here you will find fonts and themes some I have created and some by others

Gothic A very wide avenue to explore and as such I have my work cut out, there should hopefully be anything for the new goths and old alike

Links A page full of em lol anything you may feel desurves to be here let me know

Ripper Aaahh my good friend Jack The Rippers section, here you will see some of his penned works, case files inquests all sorts to keep the chap happy in his art

Lost Souls Please feel free to go there and leave your mark in the annals of time

Sun To Fear My Band a sort of Gothic/Industrial cross over there are dl's for you and info

Corkboard Here is your chance to post anything you may find of interest or indeed interest to others please feel free you use it

Chat A Para Chat page for anyone who wishes to use it